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The Founder of GFunding, Kami Emein, started in the banking industry in 1994, and has been helping clients with their financial issues ever since. His background as a developer, business owner, and banker has enabled him to become the “closer extraordinaire” of today.

He is able to close every deal that he promises for his clients. His closing ability is due to the fact that he wears many hats. He is able to put himself in the position of a broker, seller, buyer, lawyer, accountant, escrow, family member, underwriter, bank, and developer. Mr. Emein is renowned for his strong record of success in getting his client’s needs met. His skills as a developer have been noted in the Los Angeles Times. He has served as a direct lender for a full range of individuals and businesses, ranging from the sole proprietor to large multi-million dollar corporations. He has a knack for attention to detail and establishing trust with the people he does business with. Kami is a tireless negotiator that gets the job done.


At GFunding, our experienced and knowledgeable staff are happy to help you. As professionals with a wide array of degrees such as Juris Doctorate degree, and Bachelor’s degrees from USC in Psychology, Business Administration and Finance, and skill sets including expert loan processing, we use our abilities to create the best financial solutions for our clients with the best products and rates in the market. Our abilities stretch well beyond the limited offerings of a typical bank, thus enabling us to offer our clients customized solutions for your needs.