Line Of Credit

For Subject Business: 

  1. Interim Financial Statement for Current year (30 days old)
  2. AR/AP Aging-Inventory Report
  3. Subject Business Bank Statement
  4. 3 years Tax Return of All Entities



  1. Borrowers/Personal Tax Return 3 yrs (1040)
  2. Personal Financial Statement including Schedule of real Estate, AP/AR , and list of all other assets
  3. Complete application form
  4. All other Entities 3 years Tax return (if there is any) (1120S, 1065, etc.)
  5. Last Mortgage Statements
  6. Current Rent roll
  7. Current Profit & loss for subject property
  8. Copy of all leases
  9. Copy of Borrowers Legal Documents
  10. Current Balance sheet for all Entities (if there is any)
  11. Copy of Note/s
  12. Resume of all Borrower/Guarantor


More documents will be needed after the preview; also a check will be needed when we provide the Letter of Intent for Appraisal, Phase I, and etc.

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